Wig consultancy
Our aim is to ‘help you feel like you.’

Supported by My New Hair - pioneering charity founded by and inspired by Trevor Sorbie MBEWispers Wig Consultancy in Wickham, Hampshire provides an extremely specialised wig consultancy and wig personalisation service, in the privacy of their VIP room. Wispers Wigs, supported by My New Hair, offer professional advice by our professional consultants who have received extensive training and understand and empathise with our customers’ needs and requirements.

“I feel very passionately about the wig consultancy as I have gone through the same experience as my clients. With over 30 years experience in hairdressing I know how important it is for the self confidence of our customers to find a wig that’s right. I really enjoy talking to my clients about their experiences and it is incredibly rewarding knowing that they leave Wispers feeling good and looking great.”
Chris Laing.

Our high quality wigs are individually selected for each client based on the colour and texture of their natural hair. The consultation takes about an hour; where we discuss colour and choose several different wigs from our catalogues to order. We do have a range of wigs on display; giving us the opportunity to talk through the various different types that we offer – these can also be purchased.

Wispers Wigs hold stock but with such an extensive range, if necessary we will place a bespoke order, and on receipt we will arrange a second consultation (roughly one hour) to choose from the selection and then personalise the wig so that it is unique to the individual. Correct fitting and home care advice is also provided.

Wispers Wigs are suitable for other forms of hair loss including Alopecia, but can also be used just as a fashion statement! The wigs are extremely easy to maintain once styled by Wispers and washing is very easy although we do offer a cleansing service if required.

Wispers Wigs also have a range of headwear for those relaxed days or early school runs, which are designed to look discreet yet stylish for those wig free moments.

Private Room
Wispers Wig Consultancy is based in a well lit, comfortable and private room at the back of the salon. There is a selection of top quality wigs to suit various requirements, whether its for medical or fashion purposes.
Wispers clients receive a thorough consultation with Chris or another specialist, who will take time to help them feel at ease.
Chris and one of her team have attended Trevor Sorbie’s course My New Hair and Wispers is a My New Hair certified salon, and staff have received training in wig selection and styling. Those on the course also spent time with health care professionals so they have an understanding of client wellbeing and care.
Wigs cost from £250 upwards which includes a two-hour consultation, styling, fitting and cutting.
Call 01329 835678 for initial advice and to book a consultation or email info@wispers.co.uk.

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Hairdresser Chris Laing had a terrible experience trying to find a wig when she faced chemotherapy. Wispers now offer a service to help fellow cancer patients look and feel their best.

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